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Searching for Ron Britvich (part 3)
Roderick C. Moyes

Friday, Dec. 29, 2000 - Before beginning part three of this story, I would like to take the opportunity to make a few belated acknowledgements. In highlighting the previous work of Mr. Britvich, I failed to give proper credit to the countless others who also worked on the ActiveWorlds technology. Indeed, without the hard work an ingenuity of a host of others, ActiveWorlds as it is known and used today would not have been possible.

After learning more about Ron Britvich's past and catching up to him on his current project, it's time to take a look into the future of the Internet and computer technology as seen through his and co-creator Danny Viescas's eyes. They both shared some intriguing thoughts throughout our interview. Assembled here are some of their most insightful comments.

Roderick Moyes: "Do either of you ever feel the need to step away from all of the technology?"

Ron Britvich: "I think that at some point, I'm going to step away from technology in a big way. Of everything I've done with computers, and I've been involved with them for about thirty years now as a programmer… I think there's been just about nothing that I've really needed that a computer has done to help me."

RM: "So, you're not one of those guys that always has to have the latest and fastest hardware, or feel the need to constantly have the hottest technology on your desktop?"

RB: "Umm… I'm still discovering that, what are they good for?"

Danny Viescas: "That's fascinating that he would say that, because actually what he said would be my answer. I suspect in the future, that I would just walk away from technology in a big way. Right now, I'm very dependant on it, I get all of my news from the computer. I don't even have a TV. I get all my information from it… I don't even have a radio."

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