The Original Home of "The Moyes Report"


Hello! This page was originally launched in the very early days of the Internet. While the page remains, the internet has moved on, and so too has the content that once resided here. Mr. Moyes is still actively writing and you can find his ficition work under one of his many Pen Names at your local or online book seller. You can also find his non-fiction work in the areas of automotive journalism and consumer activism in numerous print magazines as well as a host of of highly acclaimed news and information sites. His articles have been published by Forbes and many others. Several Auto manufacturers have republished his reviews as well including FCA (FIAT Chrysler Group).

Mr. Moyes continues to work in the entertainment industry in a variety of capacities. When not heading his own local show band, he can be found working in top recording studios around the world with Grammy winning artists such as Jason Mraz and Grammy winning producers such as the legendary Don Was.

As he has for the entirety of his adult life, Mr. Moyes remains a steadfast consumer advocate and perpetual thorn in the side of those who abuse their power or otherwise take advantage of their fellow citizens. Scofflaws and Bullies remain most passionate rewarding challenges.

Thank you for visiting the original Roderick C. Moyes page, and be sure to check out the latest news as it appears throughout the web and other media.