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Searching for Ron Britvich (part 3) (continued)
Roderick C. Moyes

RB: "Oh yeah, this is what's going to happen. People are going to be able to access information anonymously, and they will be able to distribute information anonymously, so you'll know neither the source, nor the receiver. Everything will just be in a cloud, an information cloud. You won't know where it came from or who's accessing it."

DV: "It will be a distributed network, no servers…"

RB: "And given that environment, then… it's over. All information that is made publicly available will be freely distributed. Now, that's not to say that you can't keep trade secrets and things like that, but if you make a music CD, that's it, once you release the CD, it's out… forever.

With their eyes keenly focused on the future, it seems Ron Britvich and Danny Viescas are poised to meet the immanent changes head-on. Taking what they have learned and applying it to upcoming projects, this duo looks to be ready for another groundbreaking dive into the next cutting edge… whatever it may be. I came away from my interview surprised to find that although firmly entrenched in the high-tech world, these two remained grounded enough to be able to detach themselves from it quite easily.

With as many prophecies about the future of the Internet as there are users, it would be easy to discount the ideas put forward by these two. If not for their previous success, their case may not be so strong. No one really knows exactly what changes are on the horizon, but the smart money probably won't stray too far from the picture painted by Ron Britvich and Danny Viescas.

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